Benefits of an alarm system

Property crime is a crime of opportunity. An empty holiday home in a resort area in the off season can be an inviting target to thieves. An alarm system can be a good deterrent making your property a less attractive target.

​Installing an alarm system is only part of the story. You also need some kind of response when the alarm is activated. Anyone casing your house will quickly realize if your alarm goes off and there is no response. When you are away from your property, whether at work or on holiday or back home, having a company monitor your system makes your alarm much more effective.

When the alarm is triggered an alert is received by the 24 hour monitoring center. Depending on what they find, the operators will notify you, check the system, turn on the microphone and camera. Depending on the situation, they may dispatch the police.

With modern alarm systems, you can also monitor your home when you are away using your computer or smart phone. As long as you have access to the internet, you can see what is happening back home. This can be handy to monitor pets left alone.

Another advantage is the ability to control access to your property. Say you have someone renting your beach house for a week. You can give them a fob that is only valid for the dates of their stay. Or perhaps you have someone doing work on the house. You can program their fob to only on weekdays during business hours to minimize the possibility of disturbing the neighbours. You can also track when fobs are used to access the property and to arm the system upon leaving.

In addition, monitored alarm systems can help you in an emergency. Most systems have an integrated SOS system for rapid dispatch of emergency services. So whether you need the police, an ambulances or a fire trucks, the alarm can help you in an emergency.

Given the role they play in deterring property crime or assisting in an emergency such as a fire, many insurers offer discounts to customers with alarm systems. It is worth asking how much you can save.

Above all it is about peace of mind.

If you are interested learning more about the advantages of monitored alarm systems or want to schedule a free no commitment consultation, please contact Gran Alacant Properties or our friend Juan Cajete at Securitas Direct.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your article about installing an alarm system. I like that you talked about how an alarm system can help you to monitor your household even if you’re away. Although I’m busy at work, my mind still thinks of the safety of my children. I believe that a mother’s instinct, so it’s important for me to have a peace of mind. Seeing them myself through a computer will surely help me to be confident that they are safe at home. I will make sure to consider installing an alarm system.

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