ADVICE FROM A LOCAL #1: supermarket delivery

If you are coming to Gran Alacant for a brief holiday, you can save yourself the hassle of going to the supermarket by ordering your groceries online from one of the local chains. You can order before you travel to Spain and arrange to have it delivered when you arrive. So if you fly into Alicante airport at 11 am, you could arrange to take delivery at 3 pm and then you are ready to cook dinner. If you have a property manager or key holder, you might want to ask them to take delivery so when you arrive the beer is already chilling in the fridge.

If you like to shop keep in mind that you can have your groceries delivered from most of the supermarkets in the area. They can deliver everything you need including the heavy stuff like water and wine. A real blessing in the hot summer weather if you won’t have access to a car.

Sounds good but how much does a supermarket delivery cost?

Mercadona will deliver your shop for 7.21 euros. Mercadona’s online shopping website is available in English as well as Spanish. On the negative side, it is not the easiest to navigate and there are no photos of the product so it makes it difficult unless you already are familiar with the products.

Consum charges 3 euros for delivery. If your purchase exceeds 75 euros, your delivery is free. If you have a loyalty card, purchase of 60 euros or more are delivered for free. If you are retired and have the loyalty card, you only need to spend 25 euros for free delivery. At this time, you cannot shop online at Consum’s website.

Carrefour charges 9 euros for delivery. Your delivery is free if you spend 170 euros. Great website available in English and there is a large selection of products from the UK, Germany, Mexico, etc.

Corte Ingles and Hipercor will deliver your shop for 8 euros. Delivery is free if you spend more than 120 euros. If you have the Corte Ingles card and spend 100 euros the delivery is free. Information is available in English and a good selection of international foods.

How do I pay for my supermarket shop?

With most supermarkets, you can pay by credit card online or in cash when its delivered. Please consult their policy on payment.

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